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March 2016

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    Kenzo x H&M

    October 21, 2016
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    The real feel of daydreaming at Untold

    August 12, 2016
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    Coolhunting at Untold

    August 11, 2016
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During all my childhood, my mother used to dress me in red. She said it looked good on my pale skin and it made me look more vivacious. The truth is I was very thin and red was the only color that made me look alive. But I hated it. I still do, even though a pair of gorgeous Wang red shoes slipped into my wardrobe. Once I escaped my mother’s hegemony, I wore anything but red.

My highschool memories are all wrapped up in purple. Everything was purple or any shade related to this red and blue mix; paired with yellow just made my mind go Hoolala! Everything I bought or received as a gift between the age of 16 and 18 was purple. I don’t remember how it all started nor how it finished, but I do remember it left a mark on people’s retina.

But it never crossed my mind that these preferrences could have an explanation.

Asking women if they like pink or how do they feel about this color, if they own something pink or if they are likely to buy something pink in the future, all of them said that pink is either for baby girls or for bimbos. Some of them said that pink should be exiled on the island of unwanted and unflattering colors, not even baby girls should have to wear such a disgrace. I digressed the discussion towards other subjects and after a few minutes I showed them these pictures, with me wearing pink and red. The hearts, smiles, “wow”, “ohhh” reactions came immediately. Then I said: You are aware that I am wearing pink and you just said you don’t like pink. So it turns out you like pink. Panic came: Ohh wait, I like how you look in this particular outfit, pink is not nearly in the discussion. You can’t say that A likes C just because A likes B and B likes C. Or can you?

Then I started thinking it was an unconscious act for women to be attracted by pink or, as scientists put it, by reddish hues of colors. Neuroscientis Anya Hurlbert from Newcastle University led a study to discover if and why men and women are attracted by the same colors. She conducted an experiment with 208 volunteers between the ages of 20 and 26, putting them to move a mouse cursor as quickly as possible to their preferred color from a series of colored rectangles with different hues, saturation and lightness. Each person completed three separate tests, then was retested two weeks later. What it turned out is that everyone preferred shades of blue, which neuroscientists already knew, but the interesting fact is that women chose red hues of blue and men chose green hues of blue. What could be an explanation is the fact that in ancient times, men hunted and women had to be able to spot ripe berries and fruits or, as another theory suggests, women, as caregivers had to be particularly sensible to a child with fever, for example and so they developed a sensitivity to reddish changes in skin color.

We are women and, somehow, we are more likely to be attracted by sweet, cute and warm colored things. Put it as you wish, but there is somewhere in our DNA to be sensitive and helpful and, sometimes, this can mean wearing pink.







Photos: TheHypeHunter

Simone Rocha x JBrand jeans suit | Alexander Wang shoes | Gucci bag | Marie Ollie dress

God knows I hate looking like a “bonbon”, all fragile, feminine and vulnerable. Not because I deny my soft side and forget that I am a woman, but I think power is so much more interesting and appealing than showing your “properties”.

Of course I am drawn to all those stupid little pinkish and fluffy stuff all women secretly adore, but I don’t necessarily have to wear them. Or do I have to? But I did it. I wore the most girlish print I could ever find and if you would have told me I was going to wear it at Paris Fashion Week for one of the shows, I would have burst into tears. Of laughter.

You know what? I wore strawberries and I felt so good. How was that even possible? Of course there are some tips and tricks that can pull you out of the Barbie zone and make you look actually fashionable. And composed. Because in every powerful and successful woman there is a little girl that dreams about her princess shoes and castle with lots of dogs and horses.

1 – When wearing super cute prints or cuts, leave your hair as loose and natural and messy as you can possible stand.


2 – Mix fabrics and textures, it will always look stylish and different.


3 – Wear some geek glasses; this is not a must-do, but it definitely helps when trying to get out of the feminine and sweet zone.


4 – Stop acting stupid or childish; yes, it is tempting to flirt and to squeeze your shoulders together, but please, don’t do that while wearing strawberries! (yes, I know in the picture above you can see a smile, but this is a living proof that you should not do that)


5 – Try to avoid being girly in the daylight; somehow, femininity turns to be interesting during evening and in the right dose, you can actually be noticed;


Ohh who am I trying to fool? I wore strawberries, sequins and velvet. What more could I have possibly worn? Well, this is the real question…

Red Valentino dress from SportCouture.ro | H&M sequins top | Tom Ford glasses

Photo: TheHypeHunter

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