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August 2016

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    Kenzo x H&M

    October 21, 2016
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    The real feel of daydreaming at Untold

    August 12, 2016
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    Coolhunting at Untold

    August 11, 2016
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Four days of festival outfits, stage diving, photo printing, virtual runway, hammocks, hot dogs, Nutella crepes, prosecco, coffee with milk, four bloggers and unlimited fun with H&M team.

Whilst the video is still processing, I don’t want to leave too much time until I reveal the real vibe of our Untold x H&M experience. I discovered that people are insanely in love with jumping into a ball pool even though this means waiting in an enormous line. To be honest, the childish feeling of not being able to get up from the moving balls is hilarious and can’t be compared to anything else. Except from when you wear a slip dress with a sexy slip and you decide to stage dive. That is not hilarious, it is a tragedy and only God knows how I was able to keep all things in place when I was pulled out of the pool.

I have to admit it is the first festival where I spent more time during the day than during the night, at the actual concerts. Nneka blew my mind, Lost Frequencies gave a completely new rhythm to my life and Golan chilled my brains for ever. I am still sad DUB FX didn’t make it to the festival, even though it was on the schedule. I still don’t know what happened, but I do know I enjoyed everything about this experience: the location, the daytime activities, the food, the sweets, the people, the weather, the taxi drivers, the cool chicks I had the chance to spend some time with (Ana, Alina, Sanziana, Ruxandra, Irina, Ioana) and if there is a slight doubt that what I say is real, I have loooots of visual proofs for you below.


















H&M outfits

It crossed my mind that looking for cool girls with nice festival outfits was not going to be such a hard job, considering the thousands and thousand of people that were present at Untold during the four days. It seems I was wrong and I have no idea if it was me or if it was the unbelievable “super short jeans wave” that disappointed me, but, girls, really, I searched and searched for some not that typical outfits with at least one H&M piece and I just couldn’t see you. Without much complaining, I found five girls that caught my attention with their attitude, their natural look and smart sexiness.










With a low internet connection, somewhere near Cluj, I am happy to announce and re-announce you that the fun gang for H&M x Untold, Ana, Alina, Sanziana and me will be the host of your entertainment starting tomorrow.

Please, don’t forget and do take advantage of the 20% off in any H&M Cluj store with your Untold bracelet (yes, you can buy my below outfit) and, of course, come and meet us at the H&M corner.

Ohh, and just in case you can’t make it to the festival and you want to see what’s up, check my Snapchat these days –> miss.hypewit

#HMlovesmusic #HMlovesUntold #hypewitxHMxUntold

H&M x Untold x hypewit

H&M x Untold x hypewit

H&M x Untold x hypewit

H&M x Untold x hypewit

H&M x Untold x hypewit

H&M x Untold x hypewit

H&M x Untold x hypewit


H&M full outfit

I just finished packing for my trip to Cluj, for the H&M x Untold festival and in the hurry of not being late I thought maybe you need some help with your festival outfits.

Skipping my nervous speed talking caused by my enthusiasm for early Monday morning shopping, I say I pulled off some really nice options for you.

Really important for you to know: during the festival, with your Untold bracelet you have 25% off in any H&M shop in Cluj. So, really, I don’t know if there is a better time than this for you to refreshen your wardrobe!

#HMlovesmusic #HMlovesUntold #hypewit

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