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My Biography

In a stubborn act of courage, Miss Hypewit plaits the latest trends with your everyday activities, fashionPR tips&tricks with unexpected travels, approachable and inspirational outfits with amazing people you were never interested about, but who will turn you into their greatest fans.

Miss Hypewit is Adriana Matei’s, a Romanian FashionPR, combination of cool wittiness, affordable style, personal aesthetics and all the hype facts.

She graduated the Faculty of Journalism and Communication Sciences, University of Bucharest with a bachelor degree in Journalism. She worked for almost a year as a reporter for different newspapers, TV stations and even at radio, until she discovered fashion PR as an intern at a Public Relations Agency (The Public Advisors) that was organizing a big fashion festival in Bucharest (Avanpremiere Gala).

It was then her fashion career began. In 2012 she started a beautiful collaboration with Rhea Costa, where her aesthetics and communication skills developed amazingly.

For a year and a half it was her job to assure VIP endorsement, press releases, event planning, press and TV coverage, international fairs & collaborations, campaigns and branding.

 Next step was Marie Ollie, another Romanian brand, which was born under her “PR-istic surveillance”. It was a real challenge to be able to create something from zero, to draw attention on a new story and identity. With the launching event she created a national premiere, the first Fashion Illustrations exhibition that presented the brand’s first collection. Every stage of this collaboration was adventurous, as her job was not only as a fashion PR, but she was also involved in the designing process, which she simply adored. This helped her understand better every step of “creating fashion” and “spreading stories”.

 The beginning of 2015 challenged her even more, for she decided to develop her entrepreneurship skills. Morpho ( www.morphomen.com ) is her newly launched men accessories brand, promoting handmade leather pieces in limited editions.

Contact: contact@misshypewit.com

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