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  • The UNTOLD stories x H&M

    July 20, 2016
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  • sarto06

    Why you should always choose to be a bird

    June 10, 2016
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  • edit9

    Fear of engaging. Engagement. Whatever.

    April 26, 2016
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UNTOLD festival, the best major European festival is teaming up with H&M, the promoter of fun and happiness between 4th and 7th of August, in Cluj, where they put up a wonderful corner with all sorts of entertaining activities.


Four bloggers, Ana Morodan, Sanziana Negru, Alina Gherghe and me are part of the fun gang for the festival and we want you to join in!

Enter the Hypewit competition and you can win one of the 2 double invitations!!!

What you have to do:

1 – Dress up in the most fashionable festival outfit which contains at least two H&M pieces and take a picture;

2 – Follow @hypewit on Instagram;

3 – Post the photo on your Instagram, using the hashtag hypewitxHMxUntold until the 25th of July;

4 – Wait to see if you are one of the winners and check your Instagram inbox;

Good luck!

What teachers had in common during my first 8 years of school was this tormenting and torturing question: If you could turn yourself into an animal, what would you choose?

Riots and all the kids with their hands raised, ready to answer. I was very shy and when it came to free questions that needed a creative, personal and witty answer, I became very anxious and afraid of my opinion and of the fact that the teacher could choose me to answer. But never had I answer to this question, because all my colleagues seemed to have the perfect desired answer.

So, “If you could turn yourself into an animal, what would you choose?”

Always, the first one to answer was the teachers’ favorite, most often a girl; depending on the class, they would differ, but their answer was the same everytime.

“I would choose to be a lion, because lions are the kings of the jungle, the leaders that set the rules and every animal obeys.”

Everybody was proud of their answer, including the teacher that was so impressed with their cleverness. But not me. I never understood why would a girl want to be a lion, when a lion is a man, first of all. Not one of them said they would want to be a lioness. And why would you want to kill other animals in order to feed yourself and to lead by fear? Lions have no friends others than their species and it seems to me they always have a sad figure.

The answer I never had the chance to give because I was afraid everybody would laugh (and for a shy, geek girl this is a torture) comes to light after so many years of being buried: If I could choose an animal to be turned into, I would definitely choose to be a bird. Birds fly unconditionally, birds have a view over life and over the ground different than any other animal, birds can survive without killing other creatures and birds stay unite. The kid back then was pretty ashamed by this answer but the young woman I am today is so happy I never chose to be a lion.


The funny part is that I really turned into a bird and they turned into lions, “leading” in their own boring jungle, with boring jobs, no sense of style or beauty, looking like they are in their 40s. And I…well, I am wearing a custom made SARTO shirt, with my blog’s name on it, made from the finest and nicest fabrics, making me look fierce like a lion, but feeling free like a bird. You see, at some point in your life you may be ashamed and afraid of what you want to become, but that specific moment will bring you in the point where you go into a men’s place, do what men do and still be a woman.







SARTO custom made shirt | Derek Lam pants | Gucci bag

Photos: TheHypeHunter


It was the stormy time of Paris Fashion Week when S decided to turn my world upside down. Or so I used to think when thinking about engagement and, ultimately, about marriage, that my world, my habits, my life will change forever. But it was a relaxing dinner with the wonderful 56th floor view of Tour Eiffel, holding hands, delicious food and lots of champagne. I guess he needed more than I did, because I had no idea what was going to happen. After hilarious adventures, from the security control at the entrance of the building, when the ring started the alarm and S turned red, close to fainting or the talkative couple sitting next to us, making S nervous and annoyed about his lack of intimacy to the changing of tables and confusing the restaurants’ employees, he popped the question: Will you marry me? And that was the moment when my body froze. But it wasn’t fear. Nor emotions. It was something between “Oh My God, I am going to burst into tears and I so don’t want these people see me like that” , “I am so not properly dressed for this moment”, “Why the f*** am I crying?” and the last, but not least “Him kneeling in front of me is the most romantic and beautiful declaration of love I have ever seen/heard.” By this time, S kept repeating the question, because I was not able to say a thing with my tears choking me and the approving nod finally came. After hugging and kissing him…it was more hugging because, in a way, I wanted to hide myself into his arms, I’m not that comfortable with showing my emotions in public :)), I was finally able to say a proper YES and actually look at the beautiful ring he gave me.


Did you know there is also a phobia of committment, called gamophobia? I mean, how much time people spent trying to diagnose, to analyze, to prevent all sorts of things about marriage, relationships, men and women? Instead of thinking and rethinking, they should start doing, feeling and understanding. Love, couples, relationships are based on feelings and real life, not on statistics and analysis. If you get along with someone, it is because your energies just match and if you believe in faith, you were meant to be together. As long as it will last. But I don’t think someone can come up with a physical theory to explain something that can’t be explained. See the big picture, stop creating categories and thesis to confrunt your own fears.



I never thought I would be the marrying type, I was also very aware that I may be suffering from gamophobia (it seems I’ve found the reason where to put all my frustrations and fears). Yes, I was always the relationship type of woman, never having an one night stand, but I could not figure myself out as having the wife potential. And I was ok with that and I was even ok with ageing all by myself, with some dogs around and lots of shoes, not thinking I could find a man that could understand me.

But the surprise is that I am also ok right now, with a ring on my finger and with lots of people being more enthusiastic and aware about my engagement than I am. “Ooo congrats, now you have to think about the wedding, the dresses, the location, the babies, the babies’ names, the babies’ future bla bla bla” , “Oh, I am so excited about your engagement..even though, be careful, X and Y, W and Z also had a very beautiful relationship; but that was before getting married. After that, everything changed”, “Now that you are engaged, you should pay more attention to the clothes you are wearing, you have to be more serious, you know? Now you are engaged, soon to be married and you have to be more responsible”. I think the problem is not the thought of spending your whole life with one person, is the terrifying challenge of handling all these reactions that put so much pressure and tension on the couple.



Engagement and marriage should not be a must, nor a problem. They happen when they are wanted and when the moment is propitious, all things fall into place. When there is fear, anxiety, indecision, there will always be more reasons to fail than to win that relationship. When I said that YES, it was like saying yes to going to a walk or eating an ice cream, I didn’t feel it is the YES that is changing my life, it was natural and effortless. Like everything in a relationship should be. Like me wearing this see-through dress on Barcelona’s streets, encouraged and photographed by my one and only fiancè, who is strongly against this kind of exposure :))








Photos: TheHypeHunter

Crina Bulprich x Lucian Rusu dress to be found HERE | COS bag&belt



The night of October 30 changed our lives forever. 44 young people dead by the I’m writing this and dozens are in serious condition in local or foreign hospitals. The tragic fire from the Colectiv club made Romania famous all over the world and silenced us for a limitless period of time. The fact that in 2015 people are dying of stupid reasons like insufficient emergency exits, lack of fireproof insulation or indoor fireworks approval shudders an entire world.  (more…)

Last Thursday, Nespresso launched their first boutique in Romania, with an elegant and sophisticated event at their new location in 210 Calea Dorobantilor, Bucharest.


It is not the first time I write about Nespresso and most likely not the last. I love their coffee, their story, their subtle way of promotion, their products and now I fell in love with their new boutique! They just thought of it all: you have all the capsules in front of your eyes, all the machines and accessories just wait to be yours and, the cherry on top: the tasting area! Yes, as you may have predicted, I spent some time in this hot spot, testing almost all their flavors. I said “almost all” because they have more than 20 types of coffee, it is insane to taste them all!

Their launching event was more than expected: a wonderful lightened flower wall, a magic musical duet between Alexandru Tomescu, the famous violinist and Electric Brother, an underground music artist, lovely people and delightful ambient. Oh, and, of course, the Nespresso coffee.



COS shirt | River Island over-the-knee boots & bag | Zara skirt

Photos: TheHypeHunter



Being on holiday and on the road, I don’t always have healthy meals and low calories foods. So my body gets overdone from time to time. I don’t like fastidious diets and I am afraid of detox programs. But it seems I discovered something magic on Instagram: the latest detox that is actually a teatox –> 14 days of drinking tea, but still being able to eat. Can things get any easier?


Today I start my first ever detox cure with the Bootea bags of love, as they like to say. The teatox is easy to do, that’s why I was convinced to try it, you just have to drink one cup of tea in the morning (or during the day, when you have the time) and one cup of the before going to bed. Of course, during the teatox, you have to respect some sort of eating plan, as part of a healthy calorie restricted diet. A very useful guideline can be found on Bootea website (www.bootea.com), which, by the way, it is so cool and so friendly!

I am actually drinking my first cup of tea as I’m writing this post and, despite what I thought the taste it would be, the tea is drinkable, with no specific flavor.

The ingredients are 100% natural, the tea being made from leaves, seeds and roots of plants from China, Brazil or India.



Wish me luck and wait for the feedback after the 14-day cure!


When it comes to fashion, I know exactly what I like and don’t like and I have very pertinent opinions. But when it comes to wine, coffee, alcohol drinks, I can only tell if I like it or not, I can’t argue why.

This is what happened with me and Nespresso a year ago, when I first tried it. It was love at first sight, but I couldn’t tell why, I still don’t know why I am proposing it to you, but I am. Because I like it and I drink it almost every morning. And every time it feels like I am fulfilling a secret desire.

I usually drink coffee with milk…actually milk with coffee and I am very picky about my coffee taste, but Nesspresso convinced me to try a short Espresso and I liked it. Depending on your preferences, you can find a wide variety of coffees, from the strongest one to the most flavorful one, as you can see it written on the coffee tubes.

It is ready in a few minutes and it takes minimum effort with the Nespresso machines, so you feel like having coffee out, but enjoying the comfort of your home. Oh and all those beautiful accessories you can buy, from glass cups to travel mugs, capsules box or bags for your machines make this drinking coffee process more fashionable!

So…let’s have a stylish coffee together!

P.S. : this is a personal recommendation, not an advertising post :)




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