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False myths about wide leg pants

The era of skinny jeans is gone and thanks God, because I was so tired of seeing all sorts of relief areas afflicting my sight. Yes, they may have been a safe choice of pants, but as shocking as it may sound, they didn’t look good on everybody. Regarding the wide leg pants, well, this is a whole new convenient and loveable story. Women are still afraid to style them, as it may seem a hard trend to adjust to real life and real bodies but I, with my voluptuos hips and not that long legs, took a leap of faith, tried the widest version I could find and came up to unmask some myths created around them.

  1. Wide leg pants are not for short girls. FALSE

Petite girls may find it difficult to see this trend adjusting to their size, but girls, wide leg pants could not be more appropriate and flattering for you. It is all about the length and the widht of the pants. You should want to choose the just above the ankle version, not a inch higher or lower or the very long version, that covers your shoes competely and with a medium looseness. If you want to wear them with heels, you can pair your wide leg pants with a sleek shirt, even though it is not my favorite combination or my honest advice. But, when business dress code is asking for it, you can give it a try. Otherwise, you can go crazy and pair them with a loose top that covers your bottom a little and moves nicely around your body. Don’t be afraid you are going to look shorter, it’s all in the length of the pants –> just above the ankle, don’t forget! and, of course, the high peep toe heels should also do the work.

2. Wide leg pants can be worn only with high heels. FALSE

It is all in the length and the width of the pants. The taller you are, the wider and longer the pants can be. Otherwise, girls, you can wear them with loafers, sneakers, high heels, mules, slippers, anything but those chunky paltforms. For those, yes, you need really skinny long legs.

3. Wide leg pants make you look fatter. FALSE

Worn with a fit top, yes, they emphasize your hips and your waist, but in a flattering way, creating a beautiful balance between your shoulders and your hips. Otherwise, if you are not that comfortable with showing off your feminine curves, like I am for example, you can wear them with a loose top, longer or just at your waist. The fitting on your hips is really important. When buying wide leg pants, be sure you first check your fitting on your hips, before checking the waist or the length. These are adjustable.








Photos: TheHypeHunter

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