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What a LV bag can do to your life

Besides the fact that any other bag will just not fit your wardrobe anymore.

The fact that, when in Paris for the Fashion Week, I stayed near the biggest Louis Vuitton shop worldwide seemed like an obvious sign to me that I should overcome my shopping limits and just go for it. I was never a huge fan of those intensively branded bags, but the genius talent of the newest designer, Nicolas Ghesquière, made me fall in love with their new take on fashion.

But God, have I ever expected what it was about to come! The first time I wore my brand new LV bag was to Iris Apfel’s opening exhibiton and I don’t know if it was my unbelievable charm, my outfit or the fact that I was wearing a piece from their latest collection, but Miroslava Duma stared at me from the moment I entered Le Bon Marché. Yes, yes, we were both invited to the same event. It was then I realized what a huge responsibility I have when wearing this bag: straight back, watch my step, friendly smile, always check my posture and my gesture because everyone was staring. What, you thought it was that simple? You may say it is just a bag, like I used to believe, but no!, it is an eye catcher, it is like I am walking with a huge spotlight above my head, I can actually hear the Ohhs and Ahhs when I’m passing someone and, suddenly, everybody seems to be my friend.

Needless to say that every luxurious bag is a real investition because it simply goes with every piece of clothing and every occasion, but it is also an investment in your self confidence. Believe me, at every event I went, people couldn’t stop staring at me and at my bag and I could see all sorts of questions coming out of their eyes. It was like I was covered in gold and diamonds and they just couldn’t explain who I am and how on Earth can I have the guts to look so relaxed?

Oh…and with the right craziness and outfit, the bag is like the cherry on top to be a show stopper(see the images below:))







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