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Why you should always choose to be a bird

What teachers had in common during my first 8 years of school was this tormenting and torturing question: If you could turn yourself into an animal, what would you choose?

Riots and all the kids with their hands raised, ready to answer. I was very shy and when it came to free questions that needed a creative, personal and witty answer, I became very anxious and afraid of my opinion and of the fact that the teacher could choose me to answer. But never had I answer to this question, because all my colleagues seemed to have the perfect desired answer.

So, “If you could turn yourself into an animal, what would you choose?”

Always, the first one to answer was the teachers’ favorite, most often a girl; depending on the class, they would differ, but their answer was the same everytime.

“I would choose to be a lion, because lions are the kings of the jungle, the leaders that set the rules and every animal obeys.”

Everybody was proud of their answer, including the teacher that was so impressed with their cleverness. But not me. I never understood why would a girl want to be a lion, when a lion is a man, first of all. Not one of them said they would want to be a lioness. And why would you want to kill other animals in order to feed yourself and to lead by fear? Lions have no friends others than their species and it seems to me they always have a sad figure.

The answer I never had the chance to give because I was afraid everybody would laugh (and for a shy, geek girl this is a torture) comes to light after so many years of being buried: If I could choose an animal to be turned into, I would definitely choose to be a bird. Birds fly unconditionally, birds have a view over life and over the ground different than any other animal, birds can survive without killing other creatures and birds stay unite. The kid back then was pretty ashamed by this answer but the young woman I am today is so happy I never chose to be a lion.


The funny part is that I really turned into a bird and they turned into lions, “leading” in their own boring jungle, with boring jobs, no sense of style or beauty, looking like they are in their 40s. And I…well, I am wearing a custom made SARTO shirt, with my blog’s name on it, made from the finest and nicest fabrics, making me look fierce like a lion, but feeling free like a bird. You see, at some point in your life you may be ashamed and afraid of what you want to become, but that specific moment will bring you in the point where you go into a men’s place, do what men do and still be a woman.







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Photos: TheHypeHunter


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